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Bed & Breakfast

The concept of the "Bed & Breakfast", or B&B as it is more commonly referred to, was developed in England, Scotland and Ireland just after WW2. The concept became very popular and spread fast, and today you will find B&B's in almost all countries.

The concept of a B&B is very straightforward. It is a service which offers a comfortable place to sleep and have breakfast in after waking up. It is not a hotel as a B&B is usually small scale, and there is no other food service after breakfast. Not seldomly a B&B is connected to a person's or family's home. Bed & Breakfasts are traditionally located in villages and small towns but more and more B&B's are popping up even in the bigger cities.

Best UK B&B's

There are countless Bed & Breakfasts in the UK and the standard varies greatly. Most of the UK B&B's are cosy, comfortable and picturesque, but there are those that stand out. A great way to experience the beautiful british countryside is to drive around and spend the nights in different B&B's. Check out this video for inspiration!

The bed and the breakfast

For a B&B to be successful it needs to offer a sense of a "home away from home". It has to be comfortable, friendly and safe. The furniture need to be of high quality, especially the beds in which the guests will be sleeping, and one must not forget the important aesthetical factor - the room must look pretty! Another key factor is a generous breakfast, served fresh and warm. 

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It sounds easy, but it takes true devotion to get it just right.